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Toadfoot APP by Candyhouse408
Toadfoot APP
I was supposed to post this yesterday but I fell asleep.
Name || Toadfoot
     Prefix meaning || Toad- He got a dark pelt with spots
    Suffix meaning || Foot- He fast
 Age || *Insert a proper deputy's age*
  Gender || Tom
  Sexuality || Hetero
  Rank || Deputy
    Past ranks || Warrior, apprentice, kit
     Future ranks || Leader, elder, death
 Breed || ??
 Mentor || No one
 Apprentice || Whoever
  Past mentor || NPC
  Past apprentice || NPC

  Mother || *
 Father || *
 Siblings || Who ever
 Other ancestors || *?

 Personality || Smart, flirty, etc.(will edit with RP)
 Likes || She-cats, mice, rabbits
 Dislikes || Liars, rogues, etc.

 Fur length || Short
 Fur texture || Soft
 Fur pattern and colors || Gray black-spotted tom with a dark gray tail and a brown head
 Eye color || Amber/orange
  Extra || He's tall
Then and Now meme by Candyhouse408
Then and Now meme
I did this just to spread some fun facts about Marshmallow. Also, the art was a colored sketch so don't judge me.
    First, I'd like to start off with how stupid I was when I was like 9 or something. Old Marshmallow was a germen shepherd mixed with a Yorkshire terrier. In a short definition, she was made to suffer. Marshmallow has no powers but whenever she wants to trigger her Catnip-powered mega form, she can. Marshmallow has an obsession with cats but once she sees Drake she feels nothing. Marshmallow's character is oddly specific. She only feels two emotions, depression and anger. Marshmallow is a very happy character, but she's not(I can't believe I actually put something stupid like that on her real ref sheet). Marshmallow has depression, but she's happy over 70% of the time. Marshmallow is emotional(that... actually makes a bit of sense). She is highly sensitive, especially when it comes to listening to music.
    Now for kangaroo Marshmallow: Overly protective, she has powers which is to turn into a sabertooth-dingo(random fact: she turns into a dingo as a joke that old Marshmallow was a germen shepherd Yorkshire terrier mix). She's more motherly. She doesn't look cute to show that she's mature. She's older than meh now. Her character is based off of anger now instead of sadness. She actually supports Cookie instead of Cookie having to support her.
What are you doing by Candyhouse408
What are you doing
Just a small little sketch, nothing much. I drew this to test out Moxy's new design(she's now a mixture of me, my dog Roxy, and Molly). What's going on is that Cookie(Moxy) was being nosy and found NoshNosh in Wolfandart's room in the RP Mansion, eating her pasta. Also, Cookie's personality change involves her being a lot more sassy since Molly gets sassy every one in a while so that's to explain the pose.
    Just for some random things: Laurance has a Lenny face, BP means Banananananananananananananana Pal, I expect Wolf to have a Twenty One Pilots poster in her RP Room, and it took awhile to remake Cookie's design look a bit like Molly. The characters are NoshNosh(the piñata eating Wolf's pasta), Cookie(Moxy. The Yorkshire terrier in that's standing) and Laurence. All characters belong to me besides Laurence, Laurence belongs to Aphmau.
Lukaz and Raidar by Candyhouse408
Lukaz and Raidar
I was testing something out, sorry. Poor Wigged has to deal with this about every day... Dang you, Raidar. Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, Raidar's not crouching. He's that small when he uses two of his chains. The characters are Lukaz(gray blond rabbit), Raidar(gray rabbit harassing Lukaz), Miranda(Giant bird in the BG), Wiggedmitt(the poor squirrel trapped in her house), Wendy the weed(the green and peach plant thing), Stephanie(cloud with a face) and Tyron(purple flower). Hope you like this, I spent such a long time on it.. It has so much characters in it...
Get Reddy!!(Art Trade)
I don't know whether the red is apart of his design or gore but I guessed it was gore. This was an art trade I did with kimbaSimba
Redclaw(the cheetah/cat) belongs to :iconkimbasimba: red paint that's meant to be a gore splatter belongs to my OC Blyte. Hope ya like it.
Rules :

1. When were you born?
I... I was born on August 3rd but I was designed around June 12 2016. Oh, and I'm also around the age twenty if anyone's interested ;p
2. What's your favorite color?
Yellow-orange! It's such a good color!
3. what's your favorite food?
Mmmm, dunno. I like lettuce and strawberries though.
4. Do you have a gf/bf?
No, not yet... but hopefully NoshNosh(*Raidar screeches*) or Mia will like me. What do you mean Mia's married?
5. What is your favorite thing to do?
Building stuff and fighting.
6. How fast can you run?
Er... Well, I don't want to go all out and say fast but I think I'm a bit fast. F-for a turtle anyways ^^;
8. How smart are you?
I think I'm decently smart.
9. Do you have bro/sis?
Yes actually. I have thirty-seven brothers, most of them are younger than me and get into a lot of trouble so I had to learn to rebuild a lot of things. Turns out that became my job.
10. LAST QUESTION! What's your belonging that you never want to lose?
My hammer and wrench most likely. I had them since I was five.

I'll tag.... MAGMADRAGON100 MagicalQuietFlower RobinSuperhero Robinwing-raptor Neonstar4 AweTs 
Sorry fer tagging you guys, you don't have to do this. I was tagged by :iconshaphko47:


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Well, I don't really know what I'm doing but i do know that i like to draw so i made a deviantart account. You can call me also Candy, Cookie, or Marshmallow.

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